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Re: Teaching a newcomer

Hmmm, if your friend has very little experience with any instrument,
then voice is probably a good one to start with. What is he looking to
do with looping?

When I show friends, the best thing I can do is show them the very
basic acts of creating a first loop and adding overdubs. I don't show
them any of the bells and whistles, because that gets to be too much
information at once. Maybe after a few minutes or so, I'll show them
the DL-4's half speed and reverse feature.

An important thing for me is to do something else for a while while
they work with it - I usually catch up with emails. Otherwise, I'll
keep getting the urge to jump in and tell them how to make things
better. (Your friend will probably need to ask you to remind him which
switch does what a few times.) Also, by not sitting there watching
them, you give them the opportunity to learn at their own pace without

Matt Davignon
Podcast! http://ribosomematt.podomatic.com

On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 12:05 AM, kay'lon rushing <k3zz21@gmail.com> wrote:
> Dont think I've seen this posted before so i thought I'd ask, what are 
> some
> ways to go about teaching a friend about live looping? I have a friend 
> that
> wants to get into it however he has very little experience with any
> instrument to my knowledge. And my only experience is mainly from piano
> which I doubt he would want to take years to learn. What are some good
> approaches I can take to getting him started?