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Any news on LP-2, anyone?

So, with my LP-2 not usable due to the noise issue and no word about fixes 
I sent an email to Bob 2 weeks ago. I have decided to forgo the $200 
credit towards future purchases and just send it in for a refund. In reply 
I got a form letter that said he wasn't able to reply to emails during the 
week, but would on the weekend. Well, 2 weekends have come and gone since 
then, and no word...

but the email did have something about the noise issue being resolved, and 
that he is now building new units...but still no time reply to my weeks 
old email. Gotta say I'm getting pretty tired of this. This has been a 
really, really long road. I didn't complain when the wait stretched out 
months and months and months, and then the noise issue, waiting weeks and 
weeks for that info, and so on...but would really like to settle this once 
and for all. So, the old refrain again: HAS ANYONE HEARD ANYTHING FROM