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soliciting participation in "Touch the Loopers"

As part of the International Live Looping Festival this year, a "Touch the Loopers" event will be held at my home in San Jose on Thursday October 18, starting at 7:30pm.  It's inspired by "Touch the Gear" events that have become a tradition of the Outsound Music Summit in San Francisco.  At these events, people bring, demonstrate, and allow other people to play with their gear - often experimental DIY instruments - in a very casual environment.  Obviously, this "Touch the Loopers" event will focus on looping gear (including visual loopers, of which there will be at least 2).  At the beginning of the evening, some time will be allocated for brief talks/demos, but most of the evening will be available for people to get hands-on experience with whatever equipment shows up.  I also expect and hope that some of the casual conversations will include brainstorming of looping things that don't yet exist, but should.

 If you have a piece of looping gear (hardware, software, commercial or custom) that you'd like to bring and let people play with, please contact me@timthompson.com