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VOLUNTEERS: We need Y2K12 Transportation help:

We can use volunteers to drive our foriegn Y2K12 Loopfestival artists

1) from SFO airport in San Francisco to Santa Cruz on Tuesday afternoon (2-10 p.m. ish)

2) to and from San Jose on Wednesday, Oct 17th to the Anno Domini Gallery performance

3) back to SFO airport from Santa Cruz on Tuesday afternoon, Oct 23rd (2-10 p.m. ish)

please contact me directly (off list) if you have a vehicle you'd be willing to drive during one (or all) of those days and how many artists you think it would fit with you included. If money is a problem, we'll cover your gas (and parking in SF and San Jose).


thanks a lot for your help,

Rick Walker
Y2K12 Loop Fest