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Re: Re: Any news on LP-2, anyone?

Just another quick note.
Bob's plan is to ship to the closest locations of people who have already purchased the unit and are waiting and then a week later to send out to people who are further a field.

Just so you know, he's not forgetting the people who invested early in the disastrous rev 1.0.

They've really been holding up well and they have to work, I"m going to do my entire performance
with them at Y2K12 in two weeks time.

Rick Walker

On 10/1/12 4:48 PM, looppool@cruzio.com wrote:
  After extensive redesign of both hardware and software to fix the
problems that the first iteration of the LP-2 had and with a lot of
testing finished,
Bob has started to ship out the second rev of the LP-2 in the past week.