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Hello dears.

once again I ask this question which nobody answered till now, hoping that this time I will have more luck.
I know many many people if not all, here, are not into techno and electro, but I suppose you can suggest me and explain me this:

what is a compressor for? And what is a limiter/gate for?
Many compressors are compressor/limiter/gate and other are not (if I remember well, RNC and RNLA are just compressors, for example) and in internet the infos are so technical and complicated that I never understood what are these things for and if I need them or not and which one and many.

For example, to avoid peaks, distortion, and saturation,what do I need? A compressor, a limiter, an EQ, or just set the gain properly? Or a combination of those?
And if I want do get a punchy round kick drum, or a fat powerful dense bass, weather from a sample or from a Synth or beatboxing, what do I need (a part a good sample or synth or voice)?

I hope in some help here because I feel that the compressor is the last missing important thing in my setup and I would like to understand well if I need it and which/many? My budget is limited (did I already announce that I wrote to my boss to quit from next year so that I can actually have time to make music instead of having just some -few- money to buy gears?) so if I can avoid it better but if it really can give to my setup that extra more which makes the difference, I´ll go for it, or for them (= one for the voice, one for the sampler and synths, or one for the kick and one for the bassline, or whatever else).