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Re: OT: Request for opinions on Windows notation options

LilyPond is an option, although I have no proper experience myself:

Am 08.10.2012 16:08, schrieb todd reynolds:
Music Software request...I just received this message from my friend, Ivan Singer, a great photographer, can my muso friends help us out here? Believe it or not, I have zero clue on the low priced or the windows end. 

"My son is trying to compose some a capella music and is looking for a package to compose and print out a score. What would you recommend he look at for the Windows 7 OS?"

I know there are net options, (though I'm not sure what they are). I'm assuming that Ivan doesn't want to pay hundreds of dollars in Finale or Sibelius investment yet, so we're looking for simpler options. A comment thread should help us out!

Thanks, brothers and sisters!