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RC-300 MIDI details

Title: RC-300 MIDI details

Hi All -

Just upgraded to an RC-300 … been using the loop capability in the TC Helicon VoiceLive Touch (VLT) recently

Hoping to trigger most things from my FCB1010 … is there a more detailed description of the MIDI functionality than the manual? I’ve found, for example, that the effect of triggering ALL PLAY/STOP using a CC depends on the CC value parameter … but I had to find this by Trial & Error

Sorry if this has been discussed – tried searching the archives but search seem to not be working and a text search on the archives that I downloaded is onerous.

Also … one striking observation that somewhat broadsided me … in and out are all unbalanced, consumer levels. The VLT has balanced, +4 dBu, stereo outs. Switching to the RC-300 got me lower signal and a noticable hummm … ouch … and then noticed the specs (which says -10 dBu, but I think they mean -10 dBV) and the hookup diagram shows TS quarter inch for instruments inputs and main outputs.

Stuck in a Hum Eliminator on the output side of the of the RC-300 on its 30ft run to my “house system”. Probably need another between my source (the VLT) and the RC-300. Ugh.

-- Clint Goss