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Re: Re: Re: Any news on LP-2, anyone?

On 10/11/12 3:36 PM, Jim Bjorklun wrote:

So I'm wondering if the output (sic, LP-2) is stereo (like on my RiffBox)?

*mono only*,

2) The Usage Guide says that "Using the SDHC card for audio storage results in a few rules about audio recording and overdubbing". The most interesting of these is that some SD cards may not be fast enough to read the incoming audio. This begs the question of whether it's possible to not record to the SD card (say if you don't want to retrieve your loop later). Is there a mode where you simply record your loop straight into the pedal, which can play the loop back with 100% reliability?

*The SD is completely reliable and holds up to 8 tracks. These can be imported into a computer and effected and returned to the card to be able to play on the unit. It ships with a 4 gig card that has been tested specifically to work with the unit. You merely buy that exact same card and you are golden.

3) Can the MIDI out port also be configured as a Thru? Since I'd always be synching the LP-2 to a drum machine's MIDI clock, I'd like to pass the MIDI clock through to another effects processor. *I don't use a lot of midi in my life so I'm not 100% of this answer, but it's always been my understanding that if you put midi into a unit and send it out that you can daisy chain things.

Am I incorrect here.........Bill Walker would know because he uses the LP-2 to control a lot of his downstream devices (other loopers, digital delays, other time based effects. *

4) What are the dimensions of the LP-2?

*It is just minisculey larger than a DL-4*

Thanks for any additional info. that can be given on this beguiling box!

- Jim

--- On *Thu, 10/4/12, Tim Thompson /<me@timthompson.com>/* wrote:

    From: Tim Thompson <me@timthompson.com>
    Subject: Re: Re: Any news on LP-2, anyone?
    To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
    Date: Thursday, October 4, 2012, 12:44 PM

        They've really been holding up well and they have to work, I"m
        going to
        do my entire performance
        with them at Y2K12 in two weeks time

    People will also be able to play with the LP-2 when Rick
    demonstrates it at the "Touch the Loopers" event (Oct 18).