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Re: COORDINATED Y2K13 LOOPFESTIVALS next summer in Europe, the UK, the US and Asia

id like to join if i may;-)

From: Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com>
To: LOOPERS DELIGHT (posting) <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Friday, October 12, 2012 10:58 AM
Subject: COORDINATED Y2K13 LOOPFESTIVALS next summer in Europe, the UK, the US and Asia

This thread got started on Facebook (by Leander Reininghaus in Berlin), but I thought it was germane for everyone in this community to read (and perhaps some others would want to participate, both as artists and possibly festival producers):

Rick Walker: ................. I'm starting to think about coordinating a summer of festivals in Berlin, Koln, Roma, Firenze, Milano, London, Norwhich and Penarth to name those who have said they are "IN" and also in Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore and possibly...See More

Rick Walker: Michael? Massimo? Bruno? Fabio? Gaetano? Andy? Georgina? David? Ryusei? Hideki? Randolf?

Michael Peters: replace the question marks by exclamation marks!

Rick Walker: I like your style, Michael Peters

Rick Walker: Michael! Leander! Massimo! Bruno! Fabio! Gaetano! Andy! Georgina! David! Ryusei! Hideki! Randolf! Rick!

Michael Peters: that's more like it !!

Michael Peters: of course, many more names could be added ...

Rick Walker: I'm actually talking with people about Bali, Vietnam, Thailand, Vien, Zurich, Munchen, Croatia and possibly some places in Scandinavia, but the names I've mentioned have all said that they want to officially expand the Y2K13 International Live Looping concept with festivals under that umbrella name.
I think it's very exciting that a mere 12 years later (17 since Loopers Delight was created) that we are talking about such a scope.

The coolest thing is that we've done all of this with a modicum of money and a maximum of community involvement..........mostly through the internet (and the various festivals, of course)