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[Gig Info] Andreas Willers in München, Oct. 25th 2012

For those among you in or close to Southern Germany:

Andreas Willers will be performing with Achim Kaufmann (p) and Axel Dörner (tp) at MUG (Munich):
Thursday October 25th, 2000

Andreas is a guitarist who is a jazz cat to boot (in the positive sense), and an avid EDP user; his style typically combines contemporary European jazz influences with hardcore turntablist-guitar looping, and down that realm is really good in making that looping approach work in an ensemble context. Always a treat to listen to him in any project (I had the pleasure to hear him both solo at the 2008 Berlin loopfest and with his "Montauk" project).
The performance on 25th will also include a solo set by Andreas.