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Re: Balancing out your practice

The feeling of wanting to play many instruments I think makes you a composer, not a musician. Or play one instrument that sounds like alot of instruments... In the sound picture of looping, one needs different textures and pitches, learning many instruments to a proffesional level is pointless, but play loads of instuments so you can make a sound... quite often, thats all you need! One jab at a cello in the right place, one blast of a trumpet or sax... a few notes of blues harp...
There are some loopers that just stay with one sound and loop, Andre la Fosse for example... now I LOVE his looping, really love it.... but to me, he is not making the whole picture, ist more of an exercise, what you can do with and EDP and a looper...

I wandered off there, bringing it back to practice, if you are a looper, then you should practice looping, with any instrument... As Rick said, there will be natural phases, where you favour the Flugelhorn over the Bagpipe for a few years, but then one day, you open up a cardboard box in the basement and see it again after all these years... your love for the Jews Harp is fully restored!

(I mean it... just re-discovered Jews Harp... amazing instrument)


Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe