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Re: Any news on the LP1?

On 10/14/2012 12:24 PM, 7stringjazz wrote:

Is it dead? Also can someone post a link to the latest firmware/doc set? Thanks! -dave

2 weeks ago my answer would have been yes, dead and abandoned. (which is why I just sold mine)

In a recent surprise reappearance after a 6 month absence, the LP1 creator started has posting on the looperlative forum again. So maybe not quite dead ... alive and well? I'm not willing to go that far.

Latest firmware is 1.39 (18 months ago), but reports were mixed on that version citing that previously stable features had been broken. (not the first time the upgrades had that issue). Some people say 1.34 was the last stable version. That says something. (google: 'looperlative 1.34 stable' )

The manual linked to on the website is labeled 1.20 'rough draft'. I think that is about 5-6 years out of date.

Supposedly there is a later version available if you beg for it directly.