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Re: Mobius Output Question

Mobius tracks are assigned "ports" which are pairs of stereo channels.  If
you are running standalone ports correspond to the channels of your audio
interface.  If you are running as a plugin, the ports correspond to "pins"
in the plugin that have to be connected to audio channels in the host.

Ports are assigned in the Track Setup window.  There are four, input and
output ports for standalone and input and output ports for plugins.  They
all default to 1.  

For standalone, you'll have to experiment to see which port numbers
correspond to the physical connections on the device.  For plugins, you'll
have to figure out how the host uses plugin pins.  Many hosts do not
support plugins that have more than one pair of stereo pins.  Ableton and
Bidule both support this.


On 10/19/12 4:03 PM, "Kevin Cheli-Colando" <billowhead@gmail.com> wrote:

>Hello Mobius users,
>Do you know if there is a way to send the output of individual
>loops/tracks to separate outputs in Mobius?  I'm not finding a quick
>answer to this question in the documentation and I thought I'd
>prostrate myself before the knowledge of this group again (hopefully
>in not too embarrassing a manner) and ask.
>Apologies if I am a simpleton and missing the obvious (said with
>enough self deprecation for two or three people),
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