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Re: COORDINATED Y2K13 LOOPFESTIVALS next summer in Europe, the UK, the US and Asia

I'm in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and I think Michigan needs a loopfest.
Tyler Z
On Mon, 22 Oct 2012 16:22:03 -0400, Alisa Apreleva wrote:

>And me, please! ))
>Alisa Apreleva
>On 10/22/12 4:07 PM, "Lindsey Walker" <lindsey.walker@gmail.com> wrote:
>Me too! 
>On Oct 18, 2012 3:40 AM, "Luis Angulo" <louie.angulo@yahoo.com> wrote:

>>id like to join if i may;-)

>>From: Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com>
>>To: LOOPERS DELIGHT (posting) <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com> 
>>Sent: Friday, October 12, 2012 10:58 AM
>>Subject: COORDINATED Y2K13 LOOPFESTIVALS next summer in Europe, the UK, 
>>the US 
>>and Asia

>>This thread got started on Facebook (by Leander Reininghaus in Berlin), 
>>but I 
>>thought it was germane for everyone in this community to read (and 
>>perhaps some 
>>others would want to participate, both as artists and possibly festival 

>>Rick Walker: ................. I'm starting to think about coordinating 
>>summer of festivals in Berlin, Koln, Roma, Firenze, Milano, London, 
>>and Penarth to name those who have said they are "IN" and also in Tokyo, 
>>Singapore and possibly...See More

>>Rick Walker: Michael? Massimo? Bruno? Fabio? Gaetano? Andy? Georgina? 
>>Ryusei? Hideki? Randolf?

>>Michael Peters: replace the question marks by exclamation marks!

>>Rick Walker: I like your style, Michael Peters

>>Rick Walker: Michael! Leander! Massimo! Bruno! Fabio! Gaetano! Andy! 
>>David! Ryusei! Hideki! Randolf! Rick!

>>Michael Peters: that's more like it !!

>>Michael Peters: of course, many more names could be added ...

>>Rick Walker: I'm actually talking with people about Bali, Vietnam, 
>>Vien, Zurich, Munchen, Croatia and possibly some places in Scandinavia, 
>>but the 
>>names I've mentioned have all said that they want to officially expand 
>>Y2K13 International Live Looping concept with festivals under that 
>>I think it's very exciting that a mere 12 years later (17 since Loopers 
>>was created) that we are talking about such a scope.

>>The coolest thing is that we've done all of this with a modicum of money 
>>and a 
>>maximum of community involvement..........mostly through the internet 
>>(and the 
>>various festivals, of course)