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Really OT: any Waves LinEQ users here? questions about bit depth

This is a truly OT post, and it goes to possible Waves LinEQ plugin users in this knowledgeable community:

I still have the Version 5 thingies of the LinEQ (both broadband and lowband), both of which are specified as "48bit double precision".

I recently did a "effective bit depth" test in my audio editor of choice (WaveLab) which uses 32bit float format, and did the following: 1. create a 32bit float file with a sine wave peaking at -140dB (i.e. just above the 24bit bottomline).
2. put plugins under test directly behind it in the chain
3. pull the level up with WaveLab's 32bit float plugins to "normal listening levels".

In a first test, it was confirmed that without a plugin under test, the signal chain in WaveLab worked as expected (i.e. a clear sine wave with apparent bit depth of 25bit came out).

a) using Waves LinEQ broadband (with dither set "off" obviously) and all bands on bypass, the result is seemingly identical (sounds like a clear sine, apparent bit depth 25). b) using Waves LinEQ lowband (with dither set to "off") and all bands on bypass, the result suffers from quantization distortion, the apparent bit depth is 10.

Can any user of those things confirm this?



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