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Re: OT: Vocoders...

Am 25.10.12 23:12, schrieb Michał Wiernowolski:
The audio signal maybe polyphonic - you will have harmony then.
This harmony will not be as good as from a (decent) harmonizer
(I'm talking about intelligible human voice and choir effect),
but this heavily depends on the harmonic content of the carrier.

The history of marketing electronic instruments created a bit of confusion. There existed harmonizers which wrongly claimed to be vocoders and the other way round. A vocoder happily deals with polyphonic sound as carrier, thats the base of all these typical harmonic vocoder sounds we know from the ancient heros and that could sound like a choir, though it isn't.

A polyphonic harmonizer could be controlled by a keyboard and create a polyphonic choir, but you have to actually sing into it.

A vocoder allows you to SPEAK into the mic, and the synth (or the guitar with sustainer preferably), will create the pitches which could come out like a sung choir depending on the sound of the carrier source... A vocoder is just a multiband filter, which is controlled in real time by a sound, gating the filters according to the spectral content of the control signal. Vocoders don't need to be controlled by Midi, unless they use an internal synth, which can be played with Midi. A vocoder with a monophonic internal synth (and no carrier input to avoid confusion with stupid customers), is a badly designed device and most likely no fun if you know what vocoders are about...


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