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Re: electrix mo-fx?

I have: Filter Factory, EQ Killer, Mo-X, Repeater. (Never got my hands on the Warp.)

Intimacy over options. Playability.

I'd have to replace any if it went down.  I'd love 3 more EQ Killers. 


Peter Koniuto

On Nov 30, 2012, at 6:37 PM, mark francombe <mark@markfrancombe.com> wrote:

I also stand up and proudly claim the honour of ownership of one of these beasts, again, no longer in the rack.
Heres a track I recorded with friends with some serious MoFexing at the start... a track performed and recorded via NinJam between Oslo, Paris and Sao Paulo.


On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 6:41 PM, michael klobuchar <nemoguitt@aol.com> wrote:
OLA SCOTT!.....i love my mo.....i wish the "delay" section came as a foot pedal but it doesn't, sigh,

you can still do a ton of stuff with it, it is a great mangler.....being able to change the input frequencies

is a deep gas, the artifacts you get when changing speed are a simple treat and being able to tap tempo the input is swell

.....in studio, i have the mo before 

everything else, you pick up a looper, albeit short, it works as a bit of a pre-amp with the "distortion" section,

the FLANGE and the TREMOLO are iffy at best.....my mo is in a rack so i no longer schlepp it around, even

out of the rack, it's a heavy little log.....as i have said, it would make an XCELLENT DELAY PEDAL.....but

being a bit of a clone, this pedal may already be out there and i just don't know about it, if so, let me know.....

as for, is there an app for it, that's the stuff of satan.....

Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe