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Re: Echoloop in Mulch problems

Hi Mark

Audio mulch website says:

You can route MIDI messages in the Patcher Pane by connecting MIDI patch cords from a MIDI output on one contraption to a MIDI input on another contraption. MIDI routing is usually used in conjunction with VST and (on Macintosh) Audio Unit plugins.
Which you of course know, but there may be other readers of the thread.

I'd advise you to put a midi monitor on the midi out of the master EDP.
I'm not 100% sure the midi clock out is behaving right.


mark francombe wrote:

But how should I set up for running 2 instances of Echoloop in the same host for synchonised looping? Is the best way to set the temp in the host and then set both instances to IN? This is a possible workflow for me, but I prefer that my first loop would set the temp for all.

Can you just explain the functionality f the various sync setting, and Im surte I figure out the best for me from that.

I of course understand IN,OUT and other EDP types, but HOST IN etc... (ell thats sync to host of course.. but.. hmmm.. Maybe I know it after all!)


Nice that it works exactly like EDP tho... complete with seamlessly reacting to my previous pedal assignments from EDP.


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