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Re: Ethos Overdrive Preamp for sale in Europe

Ethos is awesome.  When I last performed in Japan I couldn't take my amp - which is a very integral part of my sound.  When I got there they had two newer AC 30s for back line. 
With a few tweaks of Ethos EQ I had the sound I wanted, only maybe better because the AC30 is more hi fi than my old Magnatones. 
I recommend this.  The waiting list is forever and Luis' price is fair, esp in Europe.
If you tour and use back line amps (provided by promoter), and if you care about tone, you just about have to have one.

On Dec 5, 2012, at 12:28 PM, Luis Angulo wrote:

I dont have to tell you how awesome this thing is,just ask around and go to their website and watch some videos
take this thing in your bag,plug it in directly into the board and you have the warmest tube amp ive ever heard on a pedal
no more worrying about heavy tube amps or never ending tweaking to get something it will never come close to it!
no digital simulations,just the real deal,i got sick of multi effectors and finally got what i was looking for
if you dont believe me,ask our x pert man Bill Walker
or go here for more details

Mine comes with the x tra "LE switch" which cost x tra,but im telling you it was worth it!
the thing is like new,with original box etc. it hardly left my studio
im selling it because i have 2 which i needed for going stereo but ive gone mono now
contact me offlist ASAP, first come first serve
price 450.-eur plus shipping