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Re: Tennis Elbow


I have had it on the other arm (I am right handed) and yes it was painful.

I had cortisone shots - which took away the pain quite effectively - and I 
had to wear an elbow/wrist brace for a few weeks.

However, coupled with that I also had to change the way I did things with 
that arm and hand.

For starters, I got a trackball instead of a mouse (the big offender, 
since I make my living on the computer) and changed the strap length of my 
guitar so my arm was at a different angle. 

Also, I no longer play tennis (giving up the guitar was not going to 

So far I have not had the same trouble again in the 10 years since it 

My recommendation is to go to a good doctor and find out what's really 
wrong and take whatever treatment they recommend.

Chances are, any impairment will only be a short term inconvenience.



On Dec 9, 2012, at 1:10 AM, Luis Angulo wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> since august i stated having pains im my left arm,specially around my 
> elbow and wrist.
> I have problems gripping anything,specially the fretboard of the gutiar 
> or even holding a glass full of water
> this seems to be a common problem not only with tennis players or 
> golfers but also with guitarrists,celloists,vilolinists,drummers etc.
> im currently doing a therapy but i question its effectiveness
> Has anybody suffered from this? what kind of solutions did you find or 
> would recommend?
> thanx!
> Luis