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Re: Re: Tennis Elbow

On 12/9/2012 10:51 AM, van Sinn wrote:
Locate a good Chinese acupunture specialist with many years of experience.
Traditional western doctors who's taken a course generally do not understand those techniques due to mindset limitations from the traditional education.

In general,  I agree with you, van Sinn but in the area I live in (roughly the SF Bay Area) there are an increasing number of very hip young doctors who either have degrees in Western Medicine AND Acupuncture or who , like my personal Western physician,  are very open minded about alternate modalities of healing.

My own physician,  Thomas McGuire, M.D., as an example,  will not prescribe anti-biotics to me if I have an infection and have not already  1) done my sinus washes faithfully and 2) taken all of my Chinese Herbs as my Acupuncturist, Elsa Etcheverry has taught me to do.     He probably won't go so far as to recommend a good chiropractor but we're working on him  <big grin>

I realize that we live in an anomylous area.  This are is, truly,  a center of dozens of different holistic healing modalities and Western Medicine (with famous world class programs at Stanford and USF) but i think that this healing conciousness is growing all over the planet.

I'm curious about everyone elses experience.