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Re: Tennis Elbow OT

van Sinn wrote:

Locate a good Chinese acupunture specialist with many years of experience.
Traditional western doctors who's taken a course generally do not understand those techniques due to mindset limitations from the traditional education.

Main reason acupuncture is not understood is because the "theory" behind it
is total fantasy.
(and also it's claimed to cure almost anything...that's usually
 a sure sign that a treatment cures nothing)

It does produce bio-feedback, as a tense muscle hurts when pinned
and a relaxed one doesn't, so it *could* be understood as a relaxation aid.
...but this is unrecognised by both traditional and alternative .

It's true a doctor won't be able to help (of course), hopefully they are knowledgeable enough to refer to a physiotherapist.
In UK at least in order to get such a referal you'd likely need to
go to your GP primed with some facts to support your case.