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OT BEFORE WE WERE LOOPING - 4 members of this community performing together

This is a film of a performance by Worlds Collide in 1993, the world music fusion ensemble that we had just a few years before and a few years after we all started live looping in '95


This was 1993 and community and loopfestival performers, Daniel Thomas, Gary Regina,
Bill Walker and myself all played.

This is a piece called 'Haiduk' that we wrote because of our love of Bulgarian and Eastern European musics. We are playing to a packed house of hundreds of fans so the adrenalin was really high.............our very first gig with new bassist Victor Revere.

Check out Bill's solo beginning at 2:00.    He just burns!!!!!

I was so lucky to play with these amazing guys (with Victor Revere on bass, Don Lax on violin and, forgive me, but I can't remember who on percussion that evening.......help me out guys.)

Rick Walker