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Stian Westerhus in Viglands Mausoleum

Not Looping really but interesting. Here is norwegian improv guitarist playing in Viglands Mausoleum. An amazing place with incredible reverb. I have been here many many times and have recorded here myself. (For $100 you can rent it in the evening for private use).

Sorry its in Norwegian: Maybe 2 of you can understand?


Stian is an interesting musician, clearly in the noise scene here, which crosses into the Jazz scene. (Mostly for funding reasons) He is a virtuoso at playing the guitar with a viola bow. 

The mausoleum was built by Emanuel Vigeland to house his own remains. It is his brother Gustav who was the famous sculptor, who's pieces are strewn all over Oslo, his younger brother, Emanuel was seriously jealous of his brother success, and was a accomplished artist in his own right. If anything his work was more edgy and dark than Gustav, the mausoleum was his way to ensure his own fame after his death.
One enters the room through a small low door that you must bend down to enter, its only once you are inside that you realise that you just crawled right under the urn containing his remains.

The mausoleum is very hidden and under marketed, due to the uncompromising images he painted on the walls that are verging on pornography. But recently played host to a series of famous performers, including Diamanda Galas and Mick Harvey 

Hope this is of interest:



Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe