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Re: Tennis Elbow


just make a search for baoding balls.
They are easy to find usually. Is there a Chinese restaurant or shop 
near your home?

Luis Angulo <louie.angulo@yahoo.com> wrote:
(20/12/2012 17:57)

> Rick wrote:
> Towards that end, with Hand and Finger pain,   the Chinese make little 
> silver and enamel covered small balls which are designed, specifically, 
> to be rotated inside of the palm.   Rotate them around each other inside 
> of your palm in a clock wise direction for 20 times and then rotate them 
> around each other inside of your palm in a counter-clockwise direction 
> for another 20 times.   By doing this,  you are actually using every 
> single set of major muscles in your hands, equally.
> Rick if you a link to these balls please send it,ill see if i can find 
> them here in Germany
> Im still going for all i can to solve this issue!
> Thanx buddy
> Luis