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Re: Samson SM10 1U mixer?

mark francombe wrote:
Once a year I seem to post this question on good 1U mixers for looping...

Im wondering if anyone has any experience with the Samson SM10 i u mixer?

that's a new one...i think


    My trusty Behringer eurorack pro has become unreliable, cutting
    out intermittently (particularly on high volume--- weird  can this

yes, pots that cut out on max volume are possible in Behringer stuff

I think... I say I think, cos i might be a cable, or the
    headphones or... well needs investigation.

Now on a cursory google, I find this Samson thing. What initially appeals is the 2 aux sends, although one is quoted as "monitor".

monitor send is pre fade, and stereo (on one jack)

Any thought from my people that know?

having experience of the Alesis Line 8 mixer which is v. similar,
I'm thinking I'd probably prefer this one.

..but no schematic!
..and not that I'm a person who knows..



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