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QuadraVerb GT - Replacement?

i'm not familiar w/ the quadraverb....about 10 yrs ago i bought a lexicon mpx100 unit (bill frisell used the same unit, that's why i bought it!)
mine unfortunately died about 3 yrs after use (i think bill's is still going strong!). i was bummed, b/c it was one of the rare gear purchases that i bought NEW!
about 3-4 yrs ago i bought a lexicon mx200 for like $90, used (the original mpx100 was a $199 purchase)...and it is still going strong.
i like it. i find that i use about 3 or 4 different reverb options that sound good to me.
good luck!!!

Yep, after 20 years the old QV finally gave it up. What's a good successor
I can get, O Informed Ones? Thanks.