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Re: All-Double Bass Album Finished, Uh oh, Here Come The Pig Mammoths

Looks & sounds super Todd! I can only guess how much work went into it. What a nice testament to your father.

On Dec 21, 2012, at 7:43 AM, Todd Matthews <gtmatthews@gmail.com> wrote:

Only one tune on the album is actually looping technically, but for all the audio on the album, I only used my double bass. It is called "Uh oh, Here Come The Pig Mammoths" and each track off of the album is accompanied by text and an illustration. Originally my father was going to do the illustration but he passed away unexpectedly last year. It has been a rough ride but it feels good to release the album now as a dedication to him. He always fully supported my adventures in music.

You can listen to the album @  toddmatthews.bandcamp.com 

If you click on each song individually on the bandcamp site you can preview each illustration as well. 

I hope all you loopers are having a wonderful holiday season with family and friends!

Todd Matthews