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Quandry about Posting Duplication

Hey everyone, I realized today that I have a constant quandry about posting to this community that I'd like to share with you all and get some feedback on:

When I want to ask a question or make an aesthetic statement or share an artist, I realize that I am always insecure about whether to repost to
1) Loopers Delight
2)  the Loopers Delight Facebook page
3)  the  LiveLooping.org forum
4) the Live Looping Facebook page
5) the LiveLoopingAsia Facebook page (which I've been spending time on
since it's creation this week)

I worry for 3 reasons

1) I don't want to bore people or inundate them with multiple postings because I know there's a lot of cross track on these sites 2) I don't want to miss anyone in these communities that may only be signed up on one of these locations 3) I don't want to appear to be favoring one group or another, espeically because I have people who I dearly love and wish to support on all of them

So,  my question to you all:

Is reposting to all going to be irritating to you or do you think it's okay for the sake of ultimate inclusivity in our community?

Rick Walker