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Re: community colaboration


Please unsub me. Thanks.

On Tue, Dec 25, 2012 at 9:34 AM, Matthias Grob <matilists@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi
> today is a day of peace and gratitude!
> this time of the year, may people have some spare time to clean up or do 
> some special things...
> so if you feel any gratitude for this community, people like Kim Flint, 
> Michael Peters, Rick Walker, Andy Butler, Per Boysen, Bill Walker, 
> Andree LaFosse, David Kirchdorffer, Claude Voit, Gary Hall, Jeff Larson, 
> Jessy Chappell, Mike Nelson, Bob Amstadt, Keith McMillen,,,, and all 
> those I forgot right now but contributed a bit more than just reading 
> and posting questions... but really spent time to explain things, create 
> tools, build sites, run servers,,,
> ... well, even if you do not feel any gratitude, but want your link to 
> appear on a site with a 300 (new) visitors/day...
> ... consider a tiny contribution - no, not money, some information!
>         whatever text you read and was helpful for you may be so for 
> many others
>         whatever you experienced and others may experience and need your 
> solution
>         search for it again, improve it a little, add some newer view, 
> maybe, or the previous posts...
>                 ...and give it back to the community!
> • if its an interesting ongoing discussion, post it on the 
> livelooping.org forum, so it will be easily visible and the discussion 
> about it can go on forever (on facebook and mailing list we rarely pick 
> up older things even if important)
> • if it is complete as it is, maybe its a page for the 
> http://Livelooping.org site ?
> so send it to Nick:  nick (at) 1957.me.uk
> it can be a gear review, just write about the tool you know well!
> it can be looping trick, a way to build and evolve that not everybody 
> knows yet
> it can be a deeper feeling, a philosophical view of what we do, a hint 
> to the purpose of all this
> it can be about some important looper, a biography or concert reveiew...
> it can be what you think it should be!