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Re: Boss SE-70 preset saving/loading

You should be able to transmit a midi dump & record it as a midi track in cubase or some such sequencer. Then connect the other SE70 to your midi out & play the track back. Make sure sysex isn't ticked in the midi filter on the sequencer package though. Works for my Sony GP5, which is very similar to the SE70.

On 28/12/2012 19:44, Michael Peters wrote:
I bought a second Boss SE-70 a while ago because it is such a versatile
effect box (the sounds on my Escape Veloopity album were made with an
SE-70 in the mid-90s).I would love to copy all the presets that I
created on my first SE-70 to the new one. Any idea how this could be
done?(I tried a Windows software called "Soundquest Midiquest" which
should recognize the box and download the presets to the computer but it
does not work for some reason - it doesn't recognize an SE-70 that is
plugged into the computer.)