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Re: Boss SE-70 preset saving/loading

As someone who still hasn’t installed the GR-20 and its pickup on my beloved Stratocaster, would the SE-70 be a good match effects-wise?  I can tell they LOOK good together, but would love your input as usual, folks.
Sent: Sunday, December 30, 2012 11:05 PM
Subject: Re: Boss SE-70 preset saving/loading
Remember that when doing sysex dumps you have to use two midi cables, from in to out from and to both machines, the data must be hand-shaked from unit to unit which requires a two way communication.


On 12/30/2012 6:26 AM, rdwfour@verizon.net wrote:
Did you try connecting the two SE-70s together via MIDI cable and bulk dump one to the other?
On 12/28/12, Michael Petersmailto:mp@mpeters.de wrote:

I bought a second Boss SE-70 a while ago because it is such a versatile effect box (the sounds on my Escape Veloopity album were made with an SE-70 in the mid-90s).  I would love to copy all the presets that I created on my first SE-70 to the new one. Any idea how this could be done?  (I tried a Windows software called "Soundquest Midiquest" which should recognize the box and download the presets to the computer but it does not work for some reason - it doesn't recognize an SE-70 that is plugged into the computer.)