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TC Electronics Ditto looper

i had the reissue for awhile, and i will agree, i thought it was ALMOST PERFECT-except for the ability for a distorted signal to go through (charles zwicky had emailed me about this & he had contacted EH about the fix-but instead of fixing it they went w/ the eh 2880).
which is sad. i know some people didn't like the sliders, so i always wondered if they could somehow combine the eh16ddl w/ the knob format of the eh smmh to make it simpler.
to me-if you want a looper-doesn't it make sense you can record a bit of info (and honestly isn't 16 sec or 30 sec enough?) be able to REVERSE it or SLOW DOWN or SPEED IT UP?

i did like the eh smmh, but wish the looper function was more of a delay based model w/in the pedal.
i currently have the echolution...which honestly i really like. it acually does all i want it to do....so i guess i'm happy.
but yes, STAN i'm w/ you on....i guess that's why we don't make looper pedals...we'd probably be out of business FAST!!!!!

>concur< I remember when theEH 16sec.DDL came out-I was so happy-mangle city-up down forward reverse-slo/fast backwards/frontwards statickee/smootheness and all @ 8 bit. no one-not even Nels Cline have tapped into all that is in  that pedal. wish they would make a true update w/ higher sample values/bit rates and then leave it alone.stanosaur.com
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From: Scott Hansen
Sent: Jan 16, 2013 7:21 PM
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: TC Electronics Ditto looper

i suppose bill is right. an inexpensive simpler looper is not such a bad idea i guess for the masses.
so when everyone writes: "i'm new to looping, what should i get?"
we can answer: get the ditto, it's under 100$, easy to use, has a lot of time and simple.
problem solved.
i guess for me, as i get on my soap box again-why do we need another device that's just a simple phrase sampler that creates static loops.
i thought that the original idea of all this looping when djs started doing it yrs ago was to snatch bits of songs, mangle the sh*t out of them (pitch up/down,
slow it down, speed it up, filter it, mangle it w/ effects etc) and make something cool sounding then you do your bit on top of it (rap, sing, play, whatever)..
isn't that what the original hardware samplers allowed you to do-MANGLE it! isn't that why those consoles look like spaceships and us guitarists
were so afraid of them? are we so afraid of controls? maybe we are. i guess that's why EVH's guitar is the most popular-it had one pickup & one volume
knob-pretty hard for us dumb guitarists to mess that up....
ok, i'm off my soapbox now again...
long live the tc ditto looper....