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Re: Vox Delaylab- very mini review

Scott Hansen wrote:
*Andy-thanks for the mini review-miracle you could sit at a music store and get to test out all the features like that. i've never felt that comfortable doing that at any of my local stores!!!!

Well, it helps that I look like a guy whose been playing
since 1975 ;-)

when the delaylab came out i was hoping for
some features-well mainly the delays ability to varispeed...someone on TGP got one right away and posted a review of it, and i asked him if it would do it, and he said no. although your comments that some of the delays have the ability
peaks my interest.

Not varispeed.
There's 2 different ways of simulating the way a tape
delay changes delay time

1) tape speed changes.. true varispeed.. anything "caught in the loop"
  gets shifted in pitch evenly

2) playback head moves. You get some pitch bends in the loop, but the 
basic pitch
   stays the same.

Out of those two options 1) is the prized effect we love, as also found in 
and primitive digital delays.

Now that microprocessors are the thing it's much easier to program version 
and that's the option the Vox offers.
( I know this for certain, I've programmed this stuff and the varispeed
 is a real head spinner if you want decent audio quality)

i just don't get it.

Me neither.

that said-i'm back to my setup that has a pigtronix echolution and a digitech dl8 -those honestly serve my needs just fine.