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Re: Realistic drum programming/recording for songs

Thanks for all the postings.

I guess "a bottemless pit" sums it all :-)

One thing nobody has come up with: pen & paper.
Actually, I might try jotting down some drum patterns & fills on paper 

Some comments on your posts:
- I'm well aware of Rick's drum programming article (found it in a drummer 
forum). Esp his advice on keeping hihat volume low in the mix was great.

- Personally, I enjoy playing acoustic drums and that's what I hear in my 
head (mostly). So I want to lay down realistic acoustic drum tracks.

- Friends who use Superior Drummer produce pretty realistic cymbal sounds 
(a lot of software doesn't).

- When I play real hihat, there are so many endless sounds (where I hit, 
how I use the pedal..)... Impossible to get them all down with programming.

thanks all