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Re: Re: Rhythm Intensive and Rhythmic Programming

On 2/4/2013 10:31 PM, mark francombe wrote:
You guys are amazing! I have a small request, Can Rick sometime at his
leisure pick up one (or two) of his weird ethnic drum things, and drag
them across the yard to Bills garage, just about the same time as Bill
starts one of his slippy slidey loopy solos?

a vid with both bro's... Nice...

That can happen, though Bill and I have really busy schedules lately and are not playing together very much these days. We're just doing really different things, musically these
days but  I'm sure it will happen in the future.

In the meantime, go here to see the two of us improvising in a live looping duo situation
at a gig where we opened for Argentina's amazing Juana Molina.

These are full song clips from Bill project, New Delta where we play music that is originally inspired by musics from the Nile , Mississippi , Ganges and Yangtze Deltas.


thanks for the request,  Mark

Rick Walker