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Re: MPD-style drum pads vs midi keyboard / midi pedal

Hi Per

yes, the famous Akai MPCs (I believe the midi pads are caled MPD, though).
I don't like the long press rolls (or sometimes it's a "roll" key). I 
prefer having 2 keys that I can alternate to simulate rolls (but never 
Still, since I'm more familiar with traditional keyboards, the MPC pads 
don't seem to revolutionaize anything like piezo pads would do.

Concerning, Push, yes... Four years ago I would die for it.
I have watched every video released. It's an excellent concept.
For piano playability... When you look at established isomorphic layouts, 
especially in chromatic mode, the layout may not be optimal to play.

Still, I'm very much tempted nonetheless. :-)

best regards