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Re: Re: Realistic drum programming/recording for songs

Awesome post, Per.

I would only amend that micro-increments in timing do occur if you record and analyze the
wave files of even the best drummers.

In a program like FLStudio Producers Edition (which I love to use for my drum programming)
one has the ability to divide each 16th note into 64 separate increments.

A trick I use is to randomly make every offbeat 16th note be just a few of these increments late. This technique (even when compared to perfectly quantized 8th note on-beats) gives the whole
feel a just slightly imperfect feel.

It's one of my tricks for all sequenced playing to make it sound more 'human'.

and you have it right: Human drummers actually aspire to perfect quantization and never
get there completely.  That's what's so beautiful about us.

I hear this story once:
*Picasso was once approached by a journalist and asked,**
**"You are the most famous and recognizable artist of the 20th Century. You can make a doodle on a **
**napkin in a restaurant and people will recognize it as a 'Picasso'.**
**So,  how do you draw a Picasso circle?**"**
**He said, "that's easy, I sit down and and attempt to draw, to the best of my ability, a perfect circle.**
**Because I am human and imperfect,  what comes out is a "Picasso" circle.*

Rick Walker