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Re: Realistic drum programming/recording for songs/Human perception

Steven Clements wrote:
my point is... :)

1,000 increments is too large of an estimate given the dynamic range of human hearing and the JND of the human auditory system.

Makes sense, and in the mix most of the increments will be inaudible.

...but we know for certain that 128 increments is inadequate a lot
of the time.

What I'd also like to point out is that the assumption in all this
rhythm talk is that loudness and timing are unrelated in human perception.

These days I don't think you'd find it in a music textbook, but I'm sure that I've seen the older ones mention that an
accent can be achieved by playing a note slightly early.

Some of this has to be related to the attack of the note, obviously
if the attack is slow then the louder it is the earlier you will hear it.

On the other hand, did anyone ever measure how the latency of perception
is related to loudness? Even just considering that a loud hit might actually be perceived as
earlier opens up a lot of possibilities.