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please check this video introducing NOUNDO, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37qr0x91xD4, a live looping software we've built with Jean-François Domingues in Usine. Basically, NOUNDO is a multi-input software organized around a rounting matrix which allows circular paths between inputs (4), loopers (4+1 drop looper) and effects (2 tracks with 4 FX/vst in each). You can loop, apply some FX or texturizing on the loop, and reloop the loop, and so on, in any direction.
I use here an edirol piano, a B4 and an old PSS50 Yamaha for some "analogic" sounds.
Midi controllers : BCR 2000, FCB 1010, Novation launchpad.
Features of the loopers are :
- Rec/direct overdub/clear/stop/pause/mute/restart
- volume
- sync/unsync. Loopers are always synchronized unless you unsync and then give a new tempo to the next loopers (with possible back to previous tempo, or unsync again, etc.).
- multiply
- random pan
- reverse/go and back
- pitch/speed transposing (linear mode or scale mode)
- Slice (linear mode or scale mode)
- slicer mode/rythmic texturizer module with programmation and presets.
But of course, there is no undo :)
The "drop looper" loops automatically the selected loopers and empty them.
Four Vsti are available in the matrix.
Multitracks recording.
And very useful for composers and one man bands, a "band mode" allows to program step by step all the actions of the loopers, matrix config and slicers presets : you just need to "rec" at each step of the compo, whatever complex they are.
Well, we are still in beta test for the last version and hope to release it soon as a standalone. Usine users can already test (and improve) the patch on demand.

Loopily yours,