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Using the standard EDP pedal with 2 EDPs

Im off to Italy for a gig on Saturday in a place called Trento. Due to baggage restrictions Ive decided to NOT take my FCB1010 and rely instead on A) pressing buttons on the front panel, and B) triggering commands using iPad >missing link. I rehearsed this yesterday and it went OK. As I am synching to midi clock from my colleagues Ableton Live, I don't have to be too accurate with the record button, but found that some things just dont work with tapping the iPad.

Now its been a while since using the Standard EDP pedal, but was wondering (after checking the manual) If I plug in ONE pedal into one EDP, does it trigger both when linked via brother synch and midi ) and set to synch out?

The diagram for stereo operation shows ONE pedal plugged into one EDP, but presumably with trigger both. This may be OK for some situations, stereo for example, but what happens if I have already started both EDPs seperatly and are running, synched, but different lengths?

I cant test cos I need to go to my old house to pick it up, I will now only have the sound check to test it with.

Further to this, would it be possible to somehow split the pedal cable via foot-switches to use one pedal for one EDP the other pedal, and BOTH!

Yours, space saving...


Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe