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Trento gig recording and pics

IM not FBing this cos there too many people to ask if its OK (there are whispers of an edit, a remix and a release ha ha)


BUT heres my page regarding my show in Italy last week (I play so rarely now, every gig gets a whole page on my blog!) 

Theres pics, and audio! No video tho... there rumours of 3 minutes of iPhone somewhere...

The whole gig recorded thru the desk, so a bit of funky mix... almost no bass (He was going thru a Mesa Boogie thing).
Everything is improvised, except:
The samples are actually sound tracks to video we were showing, of my wife singing some old Norsk Folk songs...
And 2 drum loops in Abelton Live... operated by my tech guy, who was also doing the video projections.

All the glitching electronic stuff is me...using 2 EDPs a EF303, kaos quad.

I was accompanied by 3 fantastic Italian musicians on Fretless Bass, Treble Sax (is that whats its called.. the straight one) and  guy playing a VERY old Swedish Instrument, called (correct me here Per) a Nikkelharpe, whichs is a violin with keys! He also played West Indian Steel drums, and those african things, you know... them wotsits with the metal strips on a wooden box... hate them myself, boring, but he made VERY good use of them... Kalinka, or Kalimba.. I dunno.. some ethnic hippy thing.

Somehow the mix of electronics and live acoustic sounds worked pretty well...


Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe