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Re: Using the standard EDP pedal with 2 EDPs

Back on this thread... Needless to say, I didnt dive into the world of stereo EDPisms at my last gig. This is because I was stupidly forgetting one thing.
To operate stereo EDPs one must have the control source numbers set to the same number.
Now this is annoying, but understandable, seeing as thats why it works DOH! But I suppose I was really just looking for a way to operate both EDPs simultaneously, rather than STEREO. In actual fact, I run both my EDPs from a Aux Send, and its mono, so there no real reason to do it, except that I really want to investigate using the same loop on both and miving one out of synch by an 8th,and putting it back in and those sort of tricks...

Is there a way to do this? (remembering that IM not in a position to buy anything right now (we´ve gone back to non-organic milk right now.. yes things are that bad...)) So quips like, go and buy a Gordíus, will only result in a virtual bunch of fives in the boat race... (my non UK friends can request a translation of the cockney, but IM sure the point is)

Anyway, a long way of saying, How can I temporarily operate both EDPs as if they are stereo?... Why couldnt I just have written that?


On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 10:21 PM, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:

mark francombe wrote:

    This depends on the ControlSource param.

Damn!! I thought that parameter stood for ControlChange messages and Note messages, that you could use both via midi!!

Well yes, you're right,
it affects the response to incoming midi (Note or Ctr)
and also the midi which is output when the button is triggered
(either by midi, or front panel or footswitch

you mean... It depends on whether the control signal is passed on to the second unit?

so they can only talk to each other if EDP generates the midi type
that EDP2 is listening for.

Well usually yes... but I like the idea that I have a pedal that operates both simultaneously, Im imagining recording 2 things seperately (using front panel, or iPad) with 2 different lengths, then doing Quantised Sub into that, with the pedal, will record that chunk to both, but presumably will go out of synch by an 8th every time... nice... If Im not mistaken?

iirc the response of EDP2 can be a bit unpredictable in this context.

May not do the 8th Quant thing properly.

I didn't track down exactly why yet.....however once it starts working
it's possible to have a polyrhythmic sync and do 8th rep on it.

What I like to do is to have Quant = Cycle, Insert=SUS
Record a short one beat loop with the EDPs in stereo setup.

Then each "insert" adds a beat.
..and hitting Insert on the edp2 front panel just once  makes things interesting.

I am assured there will be a long soundcheck... thank the lord for that! If there is one...

good luck


Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe