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Re: Doctor T at Outpost 186 this weekend

HA HA! Quite right, Emile! I've been an editor by trade since 1986, and I've seen that sort of thing happen more times that I can count. Whatever name you wish to call me, I remain grateful for the invitation to play, and I will make you proud.
Your pal,

--- On Fri, 3/8/13, Emile Tobenfeld (a.k.a Dr. T) <emile@foryourhead.com> wrote:

From: Emile Tobenfeld (a.k.a Dr. T) <emile@foryourhead.com>
Subject: Re: Doctor T at Outpost 186 this weekend
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Date: Friday, March 8, 2013, 3:32 PM

Sorry Tim. What with Copy and paste,the lifespan of a typo can be very long.

>Emile, could you please note that my name is, in fact, *Tim*
>Mungenast? Thanks!
>Tim Mungenast
>Editor/Writer/Proofreader: www.linkedin.com/in/timmungenast
>Guitarist/Composer/Vocalist: www.reverbnation.com/timmungenast
>--- On Fri, 3/8/13, Emile Tobenfeld (a.k.a Dr. T)
><emile@foryourhead.com> wrote:
>From: Emile Tobenfeld (a.k.a Dr. T) <emile@foryourhead.com>
>Subject: Doctor T at Outpost 186 this weekend
>To: DrTVideo@egroups.com
>Cc: eyecandy@egroups.com, boss-improv@topica.com,
>iotacenter@egroups.com, Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com,
>atari-midi@yahoogroups.com, "Experimental Film Discussion List"
>Date: Friday, March 8, 2013, 12:41 PM
>Hi folks,
>2 exciting events this weekend  at outpost 186
>March 9 at 8:30 PM  brings Visual Music Live to Outpost 186, with
>old friend and very special guest David Rothenberg
>Doctor T video mixing
>featuring guest artist
>David Rothenberg -- Nature Samples, Laptop, and Clarinet
>and regular collaborators
>Eric Crawley -- harpejji and Electronics
>Tom Mungenast -- Electric Guitar, Electric Sitar, and Electronics
>ECM recording artist David Rothenberg has performed and recorded on
>clarinet with Jan Bang, Scanner, Glen Velez, Karl Berger, Peter
>Gabriel, Ray Phiri, and the Karnataka College of Percussion.  He has
>twelve CDs out under his own name, including "On the Cliffs of the
>Heart," named one of the top ten releases of 1995 by Jazziz magazine
>and "One Dark Night I Left My Silent House,"  a duet album with
>pianist Marilyn Crispell, called "une petite miracle" by Le Monde
>and named by The Village Voice one of the ten best CDs of 2010.
>Rothenberg is the author of Why Birds Sing, book and CD, published
>in seven languages and the subject of a BBC television documentary.
>He is also the author of numerous other books on music, art, and
>nature, including Thousand Mile Song, about making music with
>whales, and Survival of the Beautiful, about aesthetics in
>evolution.  Last spring he released a book and CD called Bug Music,
>featuring the sounds of the entomological world.  You'll hear some
>of them tonight.
>March 10 8 PM   is a rescheduled Visual Music Live event at Outpost
>186 in Cambridge, featuring The OUTPOST Band
>Doctor T -- Video mixing
>Eric Zinman --Drums
>Andrea Pensado -- Electronics and voice
>Michael Bloom  -- Table Guitar and bouzouki
>Rick Scott -- Keyboard
>Improvisation to the outer limits. Expect the unexpected-:)
>-- "I rang a silent bell ..."  -- Robert Hunter
>"... cast your dancing spell my way, I promise to go under it" -- Bob Dylan
>My photography can be viewed at

-- Emile

If you can walk, you can surely DANCE

My photography can be viewed at

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