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OT: Harmonica (midi harmonica)

I'm sure that there are plenty of people who would drool over a MIDI harmonica...

As a harmonica player, it's really frustrating to experience over and over again how this instrument is underrated.
Yes, everyone can grab a harmonica and sound a bit like Bob Dylan. But I know several professional players who are incredible musicians yet suffered humiliation as harp players, including i.e. their kid coming home from school crying (when they told their father was playing harp for a living)...
And yet, when performing it's always the same: People first look at you with a belittling smile - then they are amazed what's possible musically...

The "Millioniser 2000" midi harmonica, btw, was a very respectable achievement. I believe it was one of the very first breath-controlled midi instruments at all.
A guy who used to own one told me that he was once hired for a gig as a horn player. He didn't play horn, but taped the Millioniser to the horn and delivered a convincing performance via midi.

best regards