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Re: Ditto Looper in-depth review

Buzap wrote:
Thanks Andy. Still, no responses. I might have overwhelmed the LD 
community, or nobody is possibly interested... ;-)

I'm sure your review will be valued.

More people read than comment.

1.)Undo/Redo is triggered by longpress foot down. Still, it's 
longpress-duration is somewhat shorter than on the RC-2 and it is rather 
well controllable.


But this could be actually also something that could be optimized via 
2.)I haven't tested this 100%, but it seems to be straight 
in-your-face-overdub without any loop-feedback control (unless it would be 
very subtle).

It would be subtle.
For instance, the DL4 does this, and it is rarely noticed.

You can also add these comments to your review page, btw.

thank you


best regards