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Re: OT: Harmonica (harmonica players worth listening)

Hi guys

>dude  ...bad math.....sugar blue is only 63 yrs old and playing now...
LOL... sorry I was being a bit judgemental here, indeed... Of course Sugar 
Blue is absolutely a great harp player & blues musician (and not 100 years 
old ;-) ). I kind of have put all players in pre-war to chicago blues 
tradition into one basket.
Jason Ricci, Gregoire Maret, Brendan Power are all great musicians (and 
Brendan is really a sweet guy, indeed!).
I should have known that people on LD list are usually open minded and 

I'm really sorry. But I've been so frustrated in the past. Because I 
rather play stuff like this on the harp:
And I'm usually confronted by very rigid expectations what a harp player 
is "supposed" to play/sound like.
Don't have this problem on other, rather well established instruments - so 
I'm kind of on the brim of giving up...

thanks for your responses