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TF Looper - new looping app in the App Store


I'm Pier, developer of TF Looper, a looping app for iOS that is closer in workflow to the hardware loopers than other apps. 
I'm posting here as I think this app might be of interest to the folks here. I have 5 promo codes to give away, so if you're interested email me and I'll pass you the promo code :)

Inspired from hardware looping pedals, TF Looper aims to make looping fun and easy! Great for impromptu jams without the need to "plan" anything in advance. Works standalone or with input devices such as Apogee Jam for better sound.

✓ Low-latency sound engine makes looping a breeze
✓ Straight-forward workflow and interface akin to dedicated hardware loopers
✓ Undo functionality
✓ Trigger recording on input for easier recording of instruments
✓ Automatic quantisation of loops for fuss-free recording
✓ Unlimited overdubbing for expressive looping
✓ Fade previous overdubs option to create a continuous looping soundscape
✓ Octave-down and octave-up on individual channels
✓ Stop tracks anytime, play them again and they will synchronise to other tracks in perfect time
✓ Included limiter and noise reduction 
✓ Stop-all channels / Start-all channels function - great for breaking it down!

Have a good day.