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Re: Roland GK cable noise issue

I don't know too much about the GK system, but I'm thinking..

You have an ordinary guitar cable, which of course is shielded, with the shield connected to ground/chassis on your rig (whatever that is).
The shield is also (assumed) connected to ground on you guitar.

Then you have this GK cable, which is said to have crappy shielding.
Maybe, maybe not, but I assume it actually does have a shield, which is hopefully connected to ground/chassis on the (GK) device, plus, I assume, connected to ground on your guitar, which could easily create a ground-loop.

Even if your GK cable isn't connected to ground on your guitar - is this one of those stand-alone, between-bridge-and-pickup hex MIDI/synth transducers? - it could well be that if the GK cable in itself has less optimal (shielding) quality, a ground-loop elsewhere in your rig setup could still amplify whatever noice is picked-up, and create the experienced problem.

If the problem really is the GK cable itself, couldn't you simply replace the multicore cable between the two bulky connectors with a better shielded one?


Per Boysen wrote:

I'm experiencing fatal noise issues with the Roland GK cable. If I
move or touch the cable all hell breaks loose in the PA. Are these
cables normally this sensitive?

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

van Sinn